a testimony…

This is for everyone particularly those of us to love and follow college football. If you have never seen it, take the time to view the testimony of a fellow Christian Jerry Moore who happens to be the head coach of Appalachian State University football.

Cowboys and the ACLU

Theses two thoughts have nothing to do with each other.

The Cowboys, thank God for membership meeting Sunday night, I was not subjected to my Cowboys loss. God trumps football. I love my Boy’s and for those who have not done so check out BK’s blog, my Pastor showing me “love,” that special brand of pastoral care one football fan to another. However, his beloved Colts lost as well. 🙂


The ACLU is currently arguing that “people who have sex in public bathrooms have an expectation of privacy.” How can this be, the mere connotation that they are in a public bathroom removes the right to privacy, one would think. Anything done is public removes the assumption or even expectation of privacy. If you do something anything in public, blow your nose, sneeze, laugh and yes even engage in a sexual act someone might see and yes be offended, granted some may be more offended that others.