Product Review: 5.11 Tactical – Raven Range Tight


5.11 Raven Range Tight

5.11 Tactical debuted the Women’s Raven Range Tight at Shot Show 2016, and I stalked their website until there release for sale to the public. I think I got one wear out of them before having to take them out of the wardrobe rotation in 2016, tacticool does not always equal bump friendly. I was excited to pull them out this year and put them through the paces of mom life. On the front end let me say that I have not be compensated by 5.11 Tactical, Target, gracie’s gear or any affiliates for this review. I own 5.11 Tactical products, gracie’s gear and shop at Target.


What 5.11 Tactical says:
“Meet the greatest tights ever invented and your new best friend. Made from Ponte di Roma fabric, a durable stretch knit with a smooth, flattering finish, our Women’s Raven Range Tights deliver the comfort of a traditional yoga pant with operator- inspired utility. A wide elastic waistband, belt loops, and abrasion- resistant panels support your belt and holster, and the inseam ensures superior movement. Stay sharp and comfortable all day, whether you’re at the range, the gym, or just lounging. Pretty much perfect” 5.11 Tactical Women’s Raven Range Tight (Tundra). (n.d.). Retrieved from

What I say:
I love these yoga pants, as a new mom, I truly appreciate the slightly padded knees, which may serve no practical purpose for target practice at the range. The padded knees do offer a cushion for crawling around on the floor with an infant whose “roller game” is on point, for play, tummy time or just for mommy fun. To the non-shooters in the audience don’t let the words operator and tactical scare you, these are the best mom pants especially if you like to spend time on the floor with your little one(s).

Comfort and wearability, I have worn them to church, around the house, quick errands, and road trips. The look is classier than your standard yoga pant which makes them easier to dress up for “dress” casual settings with booties or flats. Practical for a workout or casual situations paired with sweatshirt and running shoes etc.

Durability, while the care instructions are tedious, I have worn them at least 16 times since mid-January 2017 and washed after each wear, and they still look good, I cannot speak to durability if you don’t follow the care instructions or varying water or detergents. Mine have held up nicely.

As I said before as a new mom, I believe these are ideal, and 5.11 may be missing out on a target audience for these tights, the slightly padded knee alone makes the price point almost worth it. I say almost because do you know how much baby gear you can purchase with $89.99. I would buy again at the least the first pair at that price point. Total cost was $96.07 with tax and free shipping on February 8, 2016. Would I like another pair, of course, but with an infant, I cannot justify the price, my husband can, but I cannot, should have taken advantage of the sale some weeks back, but we got baby gear instead.

Delicate wash and air/line dry. I would probably wear them more often if the care were not so labor intensive. Yes, the material dry’s quickly, and yes, I have other air dry clothing, but I have the same grip. And yes, most yoga, exercise clothing says air/hang dry but let’s be honest how many of us are air/hang drying our workout wear purchased at the local Target.

Which brings me to my other con, the price point, as a 5.11 fan girl I get it, you pay for quality and wearability but seriously $89.99 as much as I love these tights I am not sure it was worth the price point. Okay would I purchase the first pair again at that price, of course, did you miss the part where I said I stalked the website for them? I firmly believe these are ideal mom wear but am realistic the budgets of households with and without little ones. I have no idea what the cost of production is for these range tights however a price point of say $59.99 or 64.99 (comparable to the Men’s Fitness Vandal Short) would open a new market for 5.11. Minimally it would be nice for 5.11 to develop tactical mom wear that offers budget friendly prices for mom’s.

The other issue that others have commented on is no pocket, not even one, as a former runner I know the value of a “workout” pant with a pocket; I would suggest 5.11 reach out to gracie’s gear for a partnership. I have tanks and capris from gracie’s gear that offer a pouch that these 5.11 tights so desperately need. Gracie is a former colleague and while gracie’s gear has experienced some up’s and down’s, I love her products.

Final Thoughts:
I love the raven range tight. I have no regrets about this purchase. While I was not a mom when I made the purchase as a new mom they are the best thing ever. Just remember belt required.

Wesleyan Accent: Anxiety in Worship

This article is a repost of an article on a topic that is near to my heart. It has garnered feedback and sparked important conversation in the church. I invite you to re-read, read for the first time, and share…May your Resurrection Sunday be filled with the peace and love of God. – Elizabeth

{The full post can be found at World Methodist Evangelism}

Note from the Editor: We’re pleased to feature this important piece on mental health, anxiety, and communal worship. It also may be helpful perspective for clergy leading Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday services.

“Let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out, not avoiding worshiping together as some do but spurring each other on, especially as we see the big Day approaching.” – Hebrews 11:25 (MSG).

What if worship has become so creative that 18% of the population is on the outside?

The pendulum for creative contemporary worship has swung so far in many regions across denominations that segments of the population cannot assemble with others. Many Christians gather weekly and experience a one-sided worship celebration. It is one-sided because, even though everyone is welcome, these worship gatherings are not for everyone.

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everything is not a glock…

When seconds matter, I pray that my family, friends and I are surrounded by law-abiding firearm caring individuals exercising their right to bear Arms. Personal safety is a right not a privilege.

The harsh reality is that words on paper do not stop criminals and do not protect those who find themselves in harm’s way. They are mere words. Individual’s with intent to harm others will, in fact, make every effort and exhaust every resource to do so.

Why is personal safety with firearms a right in the United States of America?

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

My personal belief?

No law-abiding citizen should have their individual right to purchase and own a firearm infringed. And we need to take a serious look at how we decide to strip and individuals’ rights and the steps one must take to have those rights restored. When purchased, properly stored, and maintained firearms are not dangerous and an unloaded properly stored inanimate object is not going to harm anyone. I am not negating that on more than a few occasions lackadaisical firearm ownership has helped precipitate tragedy.  And yes, background checks have proved flawed. However, the knee-jerk reaction to ban guns or have stronger checks is not the solution. Have you ever tried to purchase a handgun? No serious question, it is a process and a waiting game. A law-abiding citizen does not just walk into XYZ Reputable Firearm Dealer and walk out with a handgun. It requires steps and waiting and the signoff from the sheriff’s office.

I admit some may say it easy for me to say that I am pro firearm ownership, what if my child was involved in a school shooting, or if were in a house of worship or movie theater shooting or insert your tragedy, would I feel the same. My reply. Yes.

Why because I have been in a school where a firearm was passed from one student to another in my view. Why because as a child I had a gun pointed at me by someone intending to do harm. Thankfully, I and many others walked away from those incidences unharmed. The reality is that in those cases stronger laws would not have been prevention.

Criminals do not walk into XYZ Reputable Firearm Dealer; they frequent street dealers and corrupt dealers. I am not saying they do not steal them (which they do) but if we are all honest we admit that criminals do purchase their firearms, just not through the channels as the soccer mom, amateur three-gunner, or medical doctor. Yes, they steal them, because many legally purchased firearms are stored improperly, but calling a spade a spade, there is also big money in illegal firearm transactions.

What I believe should happen.

Instead of people bashing gun owners and gun ownership, I wish people would take a First Steps Firearm course. People need to take the time and learn what they are all upset about before entering a debate based upon fear (warranted or not) and misinformation from the media (there is a difference between a handgun, AR, and an AK, just saying’, everything is not a Glock). And while the adults are taking a First Steps course, enroll your children in an age-appropriate course. Education on all sides is crucial if we ever want to have a fruitful conversation. It will amaze you how many realtors, physicians, and your co-workers have concealed carry licenses or how many have firearms in their homes. Visiting a mainstream gun dealer is like going to the DMV all kinds of people for various reasons.

That is all…just needed to get that off chest and out of my brain.