free to be a woman…

“A Day Without a Woman” strike takes place today, March 8, 2017, and just as many women are free to participate many are free not too. I would caution all women do not pass judgment on one another.

I consider myself blessed to have never measured my self-worth or value by the size of my paycheck or office. Employment positions held within organizations that I did not own were just temporary seats until something better came along or until someone disrespected me to the point at which while explaining to them how I expected to be treated and where they violated that expectation and then I aptly gave them their job position back.

As a professional, I never put much stock into salary disparity as a human resources professional responsible for setting salaries I understood that it is not an exact science and at least for the departments I interacted with equity was always at the forefront. I know that most reputable employers go to extremes to make sure salaries are equitable for men and women based on years of experience, length of employment, education and training and funding source(s) as well as individual negotiation skills to name a handful of factors. When you consider, the varies factors while salary setting is an awful business; many (not all) salaries are more equitable than individual employees realize.

And as far as taking issue with President Trump, I try to never publicly disrespect the Office of President of the United States regardless of who is sitting in that seat. No one political party has cornered the market on love or hate. If you ask me privately, I have things positive and negative to say about every person who has held the office in my lifetime. History will judge President Trump my job is to pray for him, just as I prayed for those who preceded him. Because while many are being and have been keyboard ninjas against the various holders of the office, I respect that each one signed up for a job position I have no desire to hold.

I view my life as a woman through a different lens than some of the woman who will participate. My family does not deserve and cannot afford me taking the day off, and I have no desire to. I signed up for this life, wife, mommy, seminarian no one held me at gunpoint and forced me into it. I volunteered. And some days are challenging it comes with the territory and if I ever feel unappreciated (rare) I open my mouth look at my husband, and we have a grown-up conversation. Hey, I once told a manager that: (1) I hated my job position (2) I was going to continue to perform it to the best of my abilities with the limited resources they provided until (3) such time God saw fit to move me. The outcome, I resigned 5-months later my terms. So, if I can say that to someone who in theory controlled my income I can put my big girl pants on and talk to my husband.

The reality is ladies, we all have our reasons for the choices we make. Can we respect and support one another and be grateful for the options?


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