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One of my earliest childhood memories–if not the earliest–is of being held at gunpoint at the age of four or five. That incident taught me that I couldn’t necessarily depend on my family of origin to keep me safe. Adam and I are in our sixth year of marriage, and he has never met my father, the person who was responsible. And as Father’s Day approaches, I am void of emotion. I cannot remember the last time I thought of the day as more than a rote exercise of non-existent affection.

I did not grow up with the kind of dad with whom you made good memories. My family did not have annual vacations or quirky traditions. For all of my formative years into my young adult years my dad was not dependable and for the most part never around.  Having worked for a nationally recognized greeting card merchandiser for a few years, I am keenly aware that there are no greeting cards for this type of truth. I know I am not alone. Each year, I conversed with customers desiring a greeting card that was pleasant yet spoke to their familial reality. Like those customers, with age I became less inclined to spend money on a card or gift for someone that perpetuated a myth while not dealing with my personal truth…

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