Thoughts from May 17, 2012

“I need my job,” for most of us this is a true statement or is it? The fact is we need income, and traditional employment is that source of income.

We are employed placeholders, most of us work in positions that were initially held by someone else, and we will likely move on to the next position at some point, and our employer will replace us. This life we live “requires” income; shelter, food, clothing, etc. all cost something, and most of us strive to afford the basics and some extras. In this striving, many (me included) hold on too tight. There is this accidental tendency for the job or career to become what we live for, living to work vs. working to live resulting in a loss if perspective.

Early on in my professional life I had a front row seat to the real meaning of “at will,” employment. Employers are not loyal (they do not have to be). And most employees are not pleasant as a matter of opinion most of us are pure pains to work with. You put that many strangers in a box with their personal and professional baggage and put a lid on it for 40+ hours a week, and it’s going to start to stink. This stink does not result in the inability to do one’s job well. The inability to see oneself doing something else leads us down that path; there are few occasions in which holding on tight is positive even scripture teaches us to be willing to let go…

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