hands and feet…

Whatever I do for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, I do for Christ. Confronted with the truth, I am often a failure at serving God with my whole heart. Confronted with the truth when I get it right and actively consciously step outside of my pain that is when I allow others to see Christ living through me.

I know my brokenness the hurting places that having quite healed, emotional scares, I know my pain, the physical pain that persist with seemingly no end in sight. However, I can see the hurt and pain in my brothers eyes and my sisters eyes. Their scars seem to run deeper than mine, or it could be that I know that place, the familiar loss of hope. The familiar weight of the world, the familiar does anyone see me hurting will anyone offer to help me bear this load. There are few people that will offer to bear the load or walk the path of pain with you. Most people are content to sit back and whisper about you and your problems even most Christians, after all, we all have problems.

I do not think God has called me to bare the problems of the world; I do believe I am called to show others a path to lighten their loads. When I see the eyes of someone, who is hurting I fail myself if I do not take a moment to probe for the source of that pain. And offer wise counsel on how to possibly heal the hurt.

I am often surrounded by “Godly,” people who do not like dirty things. Who do not know how to help those who are experiencing real pain. Whose comforting words often seem like lectures (suck it up and get over it), I know from experience that is not the counsel a wounded soul is seeking or needing. When I hurt I always need prayers however along with those prayers I may need a hug, a listening hear, a medical professional or a mental health professional. And I may even need someone to come alongside me and walk with me, hold my hand and check on me daily, weekly or even hourly.

It is very “Christian,” to say I want to be hands and feet of Jesus, the being is in the doing not merely saying.

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