church leadership and diversity

I struggle with the leadership of the local church. This post may seem like a generalization, it is merely my observation. I have worshiped in many types of context and congregations, heterogeneous and homogeneous. And while I often hear the words ring from the pulpit that the congregation should be diverse the leadership body usually is never reflective of such diversity. My experiences whether the congregation has been diverse or not, the leadership as always been quite homogeneous, so I struggle. Is the call for the congregation for those in the pews to be diverse while the leadership gets to “clone themselves,” or is the call for the entire body to be diverse. The older I get, the less comfortable I am with the notion that church leadership looks one way even though congregation looks another. I have always said that it would be a sad testament to my life if all my friends “look” like me. I believe that it is a sad testament to the church if the leadership does not look like the diverse congregation that they profess to desire.

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