i haven’t given up…

I have taken an impromptu break from my blog, not planned or intended, it just happen. My daily thoughts and personal journals have become complicated, exhaustive and jaded. To not subject the world to my very biased opinions, I took an unplanned break, much-needed break. In months between post a lot of good as happen and a bunch of bad, memorable things and stuff I would sooner forget. I would say that my mood today is sad…I keep replaying this dream (some would say nightmare) that I had last Wednesday night in my head not even intentionally it is just there…an early memory, actually my earliest childhood memory and I can’t seem to shake the “fear, frozenness, or disappointment” that go with it (the memory that is). I am not that little girl anymore, even though with memory comes the flood of emotions that make me feel like her.

However, I haven’t given up, I feel like I have, but I know I haven’t. Isaiah 61 promises enough? (the question mark just seems appropriate)

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