It is no secret that for many friends I play counselor, therapist, and sounding board. It has been this way for many years. Some insist that I am a good listener and usually rest on being nonjudgmental, the nonjudgmental part has come mostly with age the active listening part came from that human resources.

However, this same group tends to worry about me. Somewhat justifiably I guess because they insist I never ask them to reciprocate and for most them reading my blog has given them more insight than they could have ever imagined. The resounding question has to be why don’t I lean on my friends as much as some of them lean on me? My response I am a control freak, I am. I admit that not that I don’t value their opinions or advice of my inner circle, they know I do, I hope. But my need for advice usually comes when the world is sleeping. Then add my tendency to walk in most situations already knowing what I am going to do. Moreover once my mind is made up, good luck trying to change it (stubborn, I can be, I admit that). My independence is a blessing and a character flaw at the same time.

There is a point to this train of thought, what does the person who freely listens to everyone do, when they need to be listened to, therapy. Viewing one’s life through a fresh set of unbiased, unattached eyes. Alas, people with psychology backgrounds love to keep each other in business. 🙂

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