the silence

I find myself in an empty, desolate, overwhelmed and not so trusting place. The infrequency of my post will tell any reader just how long I have been here. The silence is maddening unbearably so, the pain is real, the exhaustion is weakening. I am a wreck, and I admit it freely. How do I get from this place? How did I get to this place? What do you do when the people you are supposed to trust don’t seem trustworthy? This burden bearer has more burdens than she can seemingly handle. Am I hopeful or hopeless? Am I worthy or unworthy? Will I ever be good enough?

All these questions are rhetorical; I just had to put my thoughts somewhere. Consider these ramblings of an overwhelmed “girl,” living in a grown up world feeling unprepared to face tomorrow.

One thought on “the silence

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