Melting Pot – Politics

To my dear friends: don’t make me regret this…

McCain – Palin

Obama – Biden

I am going to go out on a limb here and say, I have issues with both tickets, and my goal is to post a bi-partisan thought.

To my friends Democrats and Republicans alike. You know who you are the ones who fill my work and personal emails with trash talk, half, and some whole truths in addition to other nonsense about the other party. I have a few words: Get over yourselves! I have the “privilege” of reading these emails from both sides, and they are all laughable. I get it neither side likes the other, so here are my thoughts on what I have read:

Prayer for Obama (you know the picture): If you haven’t prayed for President Bush and have no intention of praying for McCain don’t ask anyone to pray for Obama. When was the last time you prayed for our Nation? Even a simple God Bless America.

Change: What exactly does either candidate intend on changing? Let’s revisit 4th-grade history class, the House, and the Senate run the country, you want change start with the boys and girls who are really in charge. And if you want change you can measure it begins in your local and state governments.

Hope: There is danger found in putting one’s hope in an earthly man regardless of political affiliation. Chances are you will end up disappointed.

Experience: I will tackle this one from a pure HR perspective. President’s and Vice President’s Job Description, meet the age, citizenship, and residency requirements, and we are all experienced enough for either job.

Houses: As long as the mortgage bill isn’t being mailed to me, I don’t care how many house anyone owns. Our current housing market situation is the fault of many: lenders, borrowers, agents, and politicians.

The Conventions: Conventions are parties, celebrations and if you disagreed with, had your feelings hurt or just became undone by what the other group said about yours during their party. Guess what? Their party was a success. If you celebrated, donated money, felt motivated by what your party said, Guess what? Their party was a success.

Bush-Cheney: I can guarantee you will not have four more years of Bush-Cheney. How? Their names will not be on the ballot.

Towing the Party Line: Tow the party line if you must, just make sure it is the line you want to be towing. Be Hitler Democrat nor Hitler Republican. Vote educated, vote wise, vote based on something beyond the paid ads and flashy speeches.

Where do I stand? Outdone and disappointed. I don’t care who you vote for; I just want you to vote. The emails are either preaching to the choir or annoying the congregants.

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