Cowboys 12-2

I attempted to go through the entire day yesterday without thinking seriously about the Cowboys loss, to the Eagles no less. However, my wonderful Pastor just could not let that happen 🙂 , I feel the love BK, really I do 🙂

My beloved Cowboys loss and dare I say at home! Unfortunately, I don’t know all the ends and outs of the game because I only saw the first quarter that was more than enough to foresee the pending loss. Now don’t think me a fair weather fan. I just don’t watch my teams lose it is painful, and I had a work event to attend in which I was the only person in the room who cared about the game.

My almost complete day of mourning is over, and we still have clinched the division, all is still pretty right. We loss. Call it the Romo had a girl at the game effect 🙂

To all my Eagles fans…Congratulations and to all you Cowboy “haters”…I still love you!

What I love the most about football…Any Given Sunday!

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