letting people in?

I feel as if I have been unfairly busy with the busyness of work in a position that is not particularly “life-giving” (don’t ask).

However as a part of my work, I had the opportunity to listen to a presentation by Rev. Dr. Professor John Swinton last week. I was intrigued by the later conversation as I sat in a room full of Scholars from various disciplines (Theology, Social Sciences, and Medical Sciences). The conversation around being forgotten by God and feeling let down by God while embedded in a faith community. The whole notion of being an active part of one’s faith community, yet feeling separated, a separation that may be a result of distance, illness, emotional detachment or any of life’s numerous circumstances.

How do we make relationship’s that based on 1 ½ hours a week stick? How do we turn Sunday or Saturday worship chit chat into lasting friendships? How do we get outside of our boxes a connect with those that worship beside of us, the faces in the crowd that we noticed, yet go unnoticed? There are not perfect solutions.

It pains me to think that someone, anyone invested in their faith community would ever feel isolated. As if the “church” let them down, as if God let them down because the community did not show up. I am blessed; I trust that when I am hurting and my community knows I am hurting someone will show up and pray or even send me Tulips…I am not naive enough to believe everyone feels as I do?

I got a real glimpse of one the most challenging yet vital parts of faith community last week, letting people in, sharing truths, whatever that looks like for each individual.

One thought on “letting people in?

  1. I think the size of the church factors in here. I can see this at my church with over 5,000 members and three different services eventhough there are mechanisms in place for folks not to feel isolated, yet part of the onus lies with the individual.

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