a sampling of what i am thankful for…

As I look toward Christmas and reflect on Thanksgiving I feel challenged to share a little of what I am thankful for (Thank you BK)…this not an exhaustive list 🙂

The Cross
An Empty Tomb
newhope Church
Friends that know how to Pray to a Living God
Friendships that are seasonal and those that last a lifetime
New friends and old ones as well
Allergy medicine
Cool Breezes
The ability to love and be loved
Fall colors
American Football

There is so much more I could list however I do have to go to work 🙂

4 thoughts on “a sampling of what i am thankful for…

  1. i love your list! i also love seeing you when i get the chance. you have this way of lifting my spirits everytime i see you just with your smile. i am thankful for that!

    you would be just perfect if you weren’t a dallas cowgirls fan! (my blood runs maroon and gold, honey!) hahahaha. we can still be friends!

  2. truly thankful for all of you even if one is a Colts fan, not another has professed allegiance to I want even type the name 🙂 thank you for brighten my days!

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