not unnoticed…

I have been wallowing lately, not necessarily in self-pity but simply in self. However I do still have pulse and the following things have not gone unnoticed in no particular order, my top three:

  • Rae is a Girl Scout mom, now I know who to buy my cookies from :-).
  • Pastor Benji’s blog.
  • Cowboy’s are 3-0, admittedly our defense is not as strong as would like but who knows on any given Sunday…oh I would love another Super Bowl win, premature thoughts this early in the season, I know, but hey a girl can hope.

On the lighter side of my serious life, I am trying to make time to breathe.

2 thoughts on “not unnoticed…

  1. Hey there – thanks for mentioning my blog. It was good to see you yesterday and get/give a hug. Hope this is a great week for you.

    Peace –

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