Melting Pot – students of color revisited

To my dismay, the students of color statement is on its third iteration, the original, the one that went up sometime between 9/1 – 9/17 and the current. Which means that someone took exception to the original wording and presentation of the information?

The most current version I admittedly had something to do with the addition of the explanation for the separation, which was not my intention. I was fine with the wording (in our politically correct society, you may never get the wording right) my problem is with the concept of separation altogether. The explanation for the separation goes something like this “event serves as an additional opportunity for students of color to build community and experience the richness of the ethnic community”. Also now “all prospective students may visit on any day.” I will go out on a limb and say, yes, I still take exception to the concept, and I beg the question. Why does one need to build community with people who they may never see again? We are talking about an academic visit day. I have attended several in my life; I do not remember the names of any of the people I connected with or even what schools they ended up at, and experience the richness of the ethnic community…I won’t even go there. In my opinion a schedule of visit days in which all students who interested in a program experience, to the degree that one can in one day, the entire community would be best.

Right or wrong, I have questioned since well before this incident if I could not get an untainted, unbiased education at this particular institution. And all of this may very well be God’s way of forcing me to take a hard look at these thoughts. I analyze everything and in the end I never expected or wanted an explanation for the why. I just needed to vent. If my vent causes the slightest change and causes the invitation to be inviting rather that placating for the next person, then to God to be the Glory. It is not about me; I have to navigate this for myself with God’s help and trust my Spirit to discern what is best for me and above all be obedient regardless of the sacrifice.

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