Melting Pot – Students of Color?

I took a break from my precious blog (precious to me that is). I have been feeling above the weather, and now that I am starting to feel like me again my world appears to be unsettled; however that is not today’s message.

I have decided to revisit the melting pot, as I continue to plan visits to potential graduate schools and this morning something struck me enraged me. The following seemingly simple statement: visit days are for students of color, are you kidding me. I know academic institutions host these days for a reason yet I find it disappointing. Do I want to pursue education somewhere that says from the very beginning you are separate? I attended two undergraduate institutions one HBCU and one traditional academic setting and worked at avoiding us versus them clicks. Is it inescapable? Is it always going to be the proverbial us versus them? And what happens if I do not visit on one of my days? What is the difference between the students of color days and the other days?

The last question being somewhat rhetorical, I have an idea as does anyone who has ever been a “student of color.” These are the days when all the special minority programs, initiatives, faculty, and staff are highlighted. And schools go to great lengths to prove to you that you will be a part of the greater body while having your needs met, blah, blah, blah. I am not impressed, I may be wrong, yet this is my perspective if you separate the group from the very beginning how can they legitimately be expected ever to become one.

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