Ill-advised modeling

I am hopping on my soapbox this morning because I can. Many of you know I am not a TV fan. Outside of sporting events, I have few shows (you can name them on one hand) that I try to view regularly, however because I do not like TV it serves as perfect bedtime noise. For my sleeping pleasure last night I choose ABC (Wife Swap, Supernanny) why not, the social ills of society exposed, perfect for catching some Z’s.

I have no recollection of Wife Swap however in the place where I woke up to turn the TV off; I heard Supernanny pronounce Dwyane Wade as a role model. I was furious, furious, furious, furious. I do not know Dwyane Wade, not saying anything negative about him. I am saying is that he is not a role model for the masses. No one by virtue of celebrity should be crowned as a role model for the local, national or international population, it is just wrong.

In my humble opinion we are all role models specifically we are role models to those who can reach out and touch us. By definition a role model is a person whose behavior in a particular role is imitated by others. My emphasis in on the particular role part, life is not a particular role. Do we want to go around imitating and emulating the life of people we do not know? Case and point, Michael Vick is or was a role model, not looking so good anymore. Tom Brady is or was a role model, not looking so good either. Do we want to continue a society in which strangers are raising children from a distance?Strangers who use illegal substances, pass on STDs, have babies out of wedlock, have a history of domestic violence, who drink & drive this list is exhaustive?

Growing up I had the following role models Brenda Tarpley, Pam Hasket, Gwen Cash, and my mom. These women provided me with love and nurture. In productive and not so productive ways. I knew them, their faults, flaws and all, I knew them, and they knew me, no one was watching from a distance. Being a role model can not be a spectator sport and because when it comes to raising children a huge percentage of the population is lazy a spectator sport is has become.

I hope and pray my life is pleasing to God. I hope and pray it is one worth modeling for those I can reach. People disappoint, better to be disappointed by someone you can connect with, better to disappoint someone you can connect with and tell you know I missed it too and offer an explanation. In the world, we live in, too many times the conversation has to be had about why this celebrity did or did not do this or that. When its entertainment, celebrities when we see them are usually always on, playing a role and that is all it is intended to be. Celebrities have been thrust into the world of being a role model when they are no different than any of us. None of us are perfect, and they can not raise everyone they are not equipped to do so, excuse me they barely raise the children that God has entrusted to them (count the nanny’s). It is a huge responsibility, and no one on TV in Florida can be responsible for a child in Washington.

I will interject, yes, you can model someone’s game, Emmitt Smith III modeled Walter Payton, worked out well. Forever everyone on the court wanted to be MJ and on the diamond Cal Ripken, Jr. are you kidding me. There is also Oprah, Bill Gates, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears and on and on and on, to varying degrees pockets of people are modeling them or at least trying.

In my opinion, we should all work on being whom God has created us to be. The first us and raise a generation that model’s the love of God, faith and trust in God and humility before the Cross.

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