sad, sadder commentary

Sad commentary, Michael Vick drug this out until he could drag it out no more, why because he like so many “celebrities” believed his press. It took his three co-defendants’ accepting pleas and saying to the Feds they would sell Vick out to save themselves, to get him to do the right thing. The lesson for all who put too high a value on money and fame are both fleeting. From future Hall of Famer to Inmate No., now I will wait patiently for the media frenzy that says it is because he is Black/African American or how he grew up…cry me a river. Michael Vick attended VA Tech on an athletic scholarship if he choose not to take advantage of the opportunity afforded to him and get an education, his fault. Michael Vick was drafted and signed by the Atlanta Falcons who have paid him millions if he chose not to live a decent law abiding citizen type of life, his fault.

Even sadder commentary the lives of dogs are more valuable than the lives of humans. Vicks jersey was pulled (not that I disagree); just stating facts; Ray Lewis, Jamal Lewis nor Kobe Bryant faced their jersey being pulled for charges stemming from crimes against humans.

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