happiness or misery?

Happiness and misery are both a choice, and the obvious choice would be to choose happiness. Usually, the easiest choice is misery. I understand more and more every day that the real reasons why people stay in misery, usually it is for the cause of others or because of others. I naively believed I could choose happiness yet misery has followed; in different forms of course but still the same misery. Decision time yet again, do I make the wrong decision for the right reasons and die a slow death or do I stick with the right decision? I do not know, even though to most people the answer is obvious. Perseverance? Um, I woke up with Job 38 this morning, God knows my daily angst and has a sense of humor, and I am still unsure of myself…

2 thoughts on “happiness or misery?

  1. Think joy not happiness…joy is the ability to see the positive in any situation…I think of happiness as an emotion, you are happy or sad or tired…it’s more physical, fleshy…whereas joy is a state of mind that influences the whole being! :0)

    Love ya

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