name change thing

My name becomes a source of conversation every now and again, some of you know me as Ann, Elizabeth or Liz depending on how long you have known me or how we are connected. Erica has indicated that I will always be Ann to her, Chandra seems comfortable with the transition to Liz and they would be the two most potentially vocal about the name thing. 😉

When pressed on the preference question I tend to say, I do not care or have a preference just do not refer to me as Beth. Of course I have a preference, I have preferred Elizabeth since about 1998, and Liz is my way of offering people a short one syllable reference. I tend to cringe on the inside every time someone refers to me as Ann, and I am so used to not hearing it these days, I almost do not respond in public. To by less of a control freak, I have never forced the issue on the name change thing. Either of the three mentioned are appropriate, I am simply stating a preference since so many people ask.

I grew up; I found my voice, I got comfortable with myself and I realized I do like Elizabeth as a name, in fact, I like it more than Ann. I get to choose which name I go through life known as, I choose Elizabeth. Ann and Elizabeth are one in the same it can also be said that Ann grew up and found Elizabeth.

I am not sure how I ended up as Ann at this point. I always figured it was a spelling thing or a sibling and cousin thing, which do you think is easier to learn to spell or pronounce? Given the fact that my sister’s first name being Calandra and I called her ‘sister’ for all of nine years, we had together. And still today refer to her as ‘sister,’ in conversation, I understand. I never learned to say Calandra in her lifetime, and now it just seems unnatural.

There are only a few people in my day-to-day life who refer to me as Ann these days without being corrected…I am sure that will always be the case unless they read this and have a change of heart. 😉

5 thoughts on “name change thing

  1. I have tried to outrun my various nicknames and mispronunciations for years so maybe that’s why I can understand where you are coming Elizabeth it is. 🙂

  2. Joann middle initial E. became Joey…in college I was dubbed Annie (by a very cute boy I might add) and it stuck and felt more like me and since Joann means Yahweh is gracious and Annie means Grace or favor it more truly represents me(Joey means “he will add”). Plus it’s girlie and cute instead of tomboyish…

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