Choice Love

I received a copy of the following poem in my 7th grade Sunday school class. Since that time, it has always been on display in my bedroom. For 19 years, these words have dawned corkboards over six residences and two undergraduate institutions, needless to say, they mean as much now as they did then.

Choice Love
By Margaret Anderson

Twas in my teens I fell in love,
Mom said it was but puppy love;
But even so, she seemed to know
Just how I felt, each thrill, each woe!

In looking back, I now recall
How dark he was, how handsome, tall;
I wonder that I couldn’t see
How little time he had for me.

Now having gone with other men
Looks don’t count as much as then;
For these are virtues far more dear
Like kindness; patience, love sincere.

In this I truly am impressed.
That if I want my marriage blessed
My future husband has to be
A man approved by God for me!

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