Life @ Work

In 2005, Thomas Nelson Inc., published Life @ Work by John Maxwell, I purchased absorbed and continually recommend it as a must-read for anyone who desires to leverage their faith with their vocation. I rank in my top five of books that challenged me to live out my faith in every area of my life, particularly professional, the area that for most of us seems to be the most difficult. Last night or may be in wee hours this morning while talking a friend and recommending the book to her, I felt challenged intrinsically to answer the question why has Life @ Work impacted my life.

As I looked through my notes from 2005, I realize that my career change, my new position mirrors the things that this little approximately 240-page book challenged me to learn about myself. And once I learned those things, I wanted to experience them. I had explored my passion so to speak and then I had a desire to live it out. Because could it be true, could I have a position that over these opportunities and be happy, could Monday morning look like Sunday morning?

These are three of many nuggets that I took from Life @ Work and prayed always to take with me professionally:

  1. The definition of burnout: the unintended consequence of someones have a lot of jobs that he(she) has no wiring for.
  2. Every job offers people of faith a stage to model serving.
  3. The bottom line of a career is not how far you advance yourself, but how far you advanced and served others.

I will continue to recommend Life @ Work it served a positive catalyst to purposed living changing experiences.

Title: Life @ Work
Author: John C. Maxwell, Stephen R. Graves, Thomas G. Addington
ISBN: 0-7852-1170-5

Happy Reading!

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