God Will Make A Way!

Yesterday, was hard for me, very hard, I took a lot of blows, personally and professionally and admittedly I did not handle them very well. Since, I was struggling with praying for myself I accepted the prayers of others. And by the end of the day it wasn’t perfect, yet is was bearable. This morning I spent a considerable amount of time in prayer in a state of repentance on Thanksgiving. Reality check: God never promised this would be easy, our enemy is real and is always on his job. However, our Heavenly Father is always on his as well, watching over us his word to perform it.

In the spirit of renewal: God Will Make A Way!

Artist: Janet Paschal
Title: God Will Make A Way

Must have felt strange to end up stranded
between an army and the sea
They must have felt forsaken
wondering why God wasn’t all He said He’d be
When your back’s against the wall
It’s the hardest place of all
But somewhere between provisions and impossibility


God will make a way
When there seems to be no way
Forever He is faithful
He will make a road
When you bear a heavy load
I know, God will make a way


When a wall of circumstances leaves you crying in the night
And you struggle til your strength is almost gone
God will gently hold you in the shelter of His heart
And carve a road for you to carry on.
So carry on

Copyright/Label: Janet Paschal;

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