What a difference a year (trusting God) makes…

Memorial Day weekend 2006 I was a mess, a proverbial train wreck, and I do believe I cried the entire day. I was in a job position I hated, in the infantile stages of leaving a local church that was killing me and while everyone had an opinion, no one got it. No one got the place I was in, that place where death was becoming because life felt like death. So in the midst of the tears I went for a drive on Memorial Day 2006. I got ‘lost’ on a road I had been down years before, but never paid much attention to, to the local churches that lined it or the little signs outside of many of them. Eureka there was the answer to my tears. Or at least enough of an answer to solidify the decision to walk away from the familiarity of the local church that was killing me. And enough of answer that would cause me to embark on the journey away from the job position I hated.

“when growth ends, decay begins” (Unknown)

I can’t recall the name of the church that I had this on their billboard. I have only been down that road once or twice since Memorial Day 2006, but that day, I needed these words, truthfully every day I need these words. This quote serves as a reminder to me, to keep moving, allowing God to have His way to direct my path and order my steps.

Memorial Day 2007, I am not a mess, not a train wreck; admittedly I am somewhat confused and perplexed, more than that I am in awe of the power of God. In a year, God has turned my world right-side up, given me a local church family that I just adore, and I think they adore me too. I am no longer in the job position that I hated or the career that I firmly believe was killing me earlier this year as much as the local church was killing me early last year. I have a pretty neat new job position and an awesome new career focus, it is all priceless. The price I paid to get to this point was nominal. I had to make a decision to do it God’s way. I got nowhere doing it my way, no every day isn’t easy or perfect, the good days simply outnumber the not so good ones.

I temper this by saying, there is nothing “wrong” with the previous local church or the previous position or profession. My seasons in those places just came to an end, and there is nothing wrong with that!

Ecclesiastes 3: 1 (NIV) There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven

Now that I can see through the tears and the pain and the heartache, it was a pretty phenomenal year, and all I had to do was trust God.

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