Complain or Problem Solve?

During my time at the retreat, I reflected some on the notion of complaining versus problem-solving, the stark reality is that the world is full of complainer’s and blamer’s at least mine is. When God prompted me to lead a small group, I know it was to for various reason one of which being to calm my complaining spirit, my Heavenly Father was over my complaining. In being over my complaining, he called me to solve the problem, which I had so astutely identified. My choice was obvious continue to complain or offer a solution and offer to be a part of the solution.

To that end, as I continue my life journey if I recognize or perceive a problem and choose only to complain about the problem to God. Or whomever, yet I never offer a solution or better yet offer myself as a part of the solution a resource, and then that problem is not really and truly a problem to me.

David slayed Goliath because he was a problem-solver. Boaz married Ruth because he was a problem-solver. Esther saved her people because she was a problem-solver. The scriptures are filled with examples of individuals who identified a problem or had it identified for them and in the end chose not to complain but to solve the problem.

I choose to make an effort to solve the problems I identify or at the least I choose not be a complainer, and to all that know me personally, remind me hold me accountable for these words.

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