Retreat ’07

The weekend of May 4th – 6th I had the pleasure of retreating with a diverse group of beautiful God women. And while I did not return home refreshed or particularly rejuvenated, I returned home blessed.

Blessed because so many of those women were a blessing to me in subtle, yet very real ways in the midst of casual conversation we made connections. Connections on the pier in the early morning hours of just blissful silence. Connections on the beach in the midst of the details found in sea shells. Connections on the porch in the calmness of a breeze felt as we rocked in the chairs. Connections in along the wall of shoes in the midst of the favorites. Connections over breakfast, lunch, dinner, girlfriends and food. Connections in quiet bedside conversation, and chats over coffee, games, cards, popcorn and so much more. God is in the details, even the small ones.

This retreat was more than about women and fun; it was about God. And stepping outside of oneself, pushing past fear, taking that first step, in the midst of an assembly of women. I grew up, and I know in my heart many others did with open hearts and ears. Everyone and everything are a work in progress. I was reminded to appreciate all of God’s creation right where it is, flawed, broken, battered, abused or as close to perfect as I could imagine. Do not stand in judgment others, stand in love for others.

In standing in love, I realize for the second time this year that I have to be a problem-solver. If I say it is a problem and am not willing to be a part of the solution, I am a complainer. In the midst of a lot of stuff, I was reminded that if I check my expectations and just go forward looking for Jesus, He will meet me. And this is all I every need in life, is for Jesus to meet me, to travel with me, to be in my space at all times. I am thankful and grateful and appreciative of Jesus.

This retreat was a wonderful end to the beginning. Thank you, God, for showing yourself strong, in the midst of my weakness.

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