Perpetual Haircut

My perpetual haircut has come to an end; I have been in search of the ‘perfect’ cut since January, and my wonderful hairstylist has slowly but surely amused me and cut away. Saturday, April 28 we arrived at my cut of perfection, momentary perfection. As I sat in the chair patiently as she gingerly cut, I thought today we are getting this right. I boldly asked for the mirror and requested a cut above the earring, it was time to get beyond that safety zone of below the earring. In the spirit of living my life, I requested a cut above the earring for my hair, I got to choose, and I chose. While this may very well seem like a small thing to some, it is huge to me. In the midst of my chaotic life, I am finding myself, and I like her.

One thought on “Perpetual Haircut

  1. lol. I know how huge this is, particularly above the earring. It seems to be a lesson of 30…this finding yourself and truly beginning to appreciate that person. enjoy the journey.

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