In the midst of the beauty and wonderment of this early spring, I am restless. My life has changed drastically in recent weeks, and while I am comfortable in Jesus, I feel off center, better yet I am off center, content yet discontent, peaceful yet not so much.

I am in a word restless. I know I am in the place of God’s will for my life. I am moving in space He has called me to, yet the unfamiliarity of it all is unsettling. I still crave more, desire more, thirst for more, the quest for more, I keep praying for the storm to be calm, for peace for room to breathe to be restless no more. I keep reminding myself to enjoy the ride, remember this is a race, not a sprint to calm the restlessness.

Realizing that God is with me, and He never said it would be easy as a matter of fact He promised trials; I still desire to feel less restless. And as loved as I feel by my Heavenly Father, I am still a little annoyed. Because lately my journey has been comprised of go here and wait, I have had many short/long seasons, months that seem like lifetime’s that just keep following each other.

I did not realize how restless I am until last night, in my restlessness when I could not rest. I am sure there is a scripture to help me through this and at some point today; I will locate it and meditate on it.

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