Six Degrees from VA Tech

Everyone knows someone, who felt the blow of the VA Tech tragedy. I know three someone’s that I communicate with on a regular basis. A graduate of Radford University who spent her college years attending Radford and hanging at VA Tech. A graduate of VA Tech, who met his wife and got a glimpse into his future the road to becoming the man he is supposed to be on the beautiful Blacksburg campus. And a girlfriend, one of those girlfriends God has given me, one of the one’s who sent me those Tulip’s (03.28.07 post). She has a ‘little sister’ who is a student at VA Tech. That ‘little sister’ was in the library in the midst of this tragedy.

We live in a little big world, and we all know someone, even if only by six degrees of separation. For all of you that pray, please continue to pray the prayers of change, knowing prayer changes situations.

Did you wear orange and or maroon today? I wore orange.

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