Rock’s Crying Out

I drive to Charlotte, NC at least once a month, this past weekend as I traveled on I-485, I noticed something, I had never noticed before, stones. I immediately wanted to pull over and take a picture of these stones, using my better judgment, I did not. These stones captivated me; they immediately took me to scripture:

Luke 19:40 “I tell you,” he (Jesus) replied (to the Pharisees), “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out (shout praises)”

As I drove by, I thought that must be what stones praising, rocks crying out looks like, one day I am going to get that picture. The beauty of those stones amazed me, the glory of God amazes me.

As Jesus approached the Mount of Olives, and the crowd of disciples shouted praises, the Pharisees wanted to hush the crowd and encouraged Jesus to do so. Jesus in his infinite wisdom saw a teaching moment and reminded the Pharisees and future believers if we choose to keep silent, to not praise, the stones (rocks) will praise. And one day at the sound of His name every knee will bow.

Romans 14:11 “As I live and breathe,” God says, “every knee will bow before me; Every tongue will tell the honest truth that I and only I am God.”

One thought on “Rock’s Crying Out

  1. I had never heard that until sunday. I need to read more of my bible. When are we going to see these rocks?

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