Sister’s for a Lifetime

April 1, 1972, God sent a light into the world, my older sister or Sister as I affectionately called her; I lost Sister to cancer in 1984. I miss her, and I love her dearly. In our nine years together she gave me a ton of tools, to live this life. Particularly an example of Faith, courage and belief in the eternal power of God and the understanding of the importance of Jesus, prayer, and everything spiritually and Holy. I have spent a huge part of my life hoping that she would be proud of me and my choices; though time has passed, I am still the little sister looking for approval from the older.

April 1, 1977, God sent a light into the world, my little ‘sister.’ We did grow up in the same family, but our paths crossed at UNC-Charlotte, and a friendship was born. Litteone as I affectionately call her may be the opposite of Sister, yet the relationship is just as valuable, we teach other lessons of Faith and remind each other to have fun. I see a lot of me in Littleone especially with her relationship with her older sister, approval seeking.

There is something to the sisterly bond, for those who have sister’s love them today and always, for those who have sister’s who have passed on remember them today and always. God gave us sister’s to help us through the girlie parts of this journey, and the relationship is for a lifetime.

Happy 35th Sister! I wish you were here to celebrate.

Happy 30th Littleone! I wish could be in DC to celebrate with you.

I am so glad the God gave me both of you for the journey.

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